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Rescue Poodle Coco

Photo of Rescue Poodle Coco Photo of Rescue Poodle Coco

Coco ia an uber friendly apricot Miniature Poodle who was surrendered to us because his owners were moving to assisted living and could no longer keep him. Coco appears to be about 6 years old.

Coco loves people and gets along well with other dogs. He is full of energy and loves to play.

Coco appears to be in good health. He is neutered and current on vaccinations.

Coco is with our friends at Aberdeen Scottish Terrier Rescue in Seattle. Please submit a completed Aberdeen Adoption Application form if you'd like to adopt Coco. Aberdeen will respond to the application. Please do NOT send inquiries apart from the application. Aberdeen will contact you after reviewing your application.

Rescue Schnauzer Calvin—Adoption Pending

Photo of Rescue Schnauzer Calvin Photo of Rescue Schnauzer Calvin

Calvin came to us from the Tijuana area where he had been found running loose.

Calvin is about 1 1/2 to 2 years old. He is about 15 1/2" at the shoulder, about half way between the typical sizes for Miniature and Standard Schnauzers.

Calvin is a very sweet dog who enjoys being with people and with other dogs.

Calvin appears to be in good health. He is neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations.

Calvin is currently in Berkeley. If you would like to adopt Calvin, please submit a completed Adoption Application form. Contact Mary Alford ( with any questions about him.

Rescue Schnauzer Puppy Humphrey Bogart (Bogie)

Photo of Rescue Schnauzer Bogie Photo of Rescue Schnauzer Bogie

Humphrey Bogart (aka Bogie) will melt your heart. He is a 6-month-old, black and silver, purebred Miniature Schnauzer. Bogie weights about 9 lbs. He has natural ears and a cropped tail.

Bogie is an incredibly sweet, playful, and amazing little guy. He loves people and other dogs (we do not know about children or cats), and loves to play with toys. For the most part he is potted-trained, is good in a crate, and sleeps well. Bogie is still a baby and will need basic training (including walking on a leash, sit, stay, etc.).

Bogie was born with a condition called congenital hypothyroidism. This condition is very rare in dogs and can be deadly to puppies if not caught early and managed with thyroid medication. This condition decreases the metabolism so much that a dog will refuse to eat or drink and eventually wither away. Lucky for Bogie, his condition was caught early. It is managed with medication, and he's leading a very normal dog life.

Bogie's ideal forever family would be one that is truly ready for a puppy and care for his needs. Due to his condition, he requires a pill twice a day (medication runs about $10/month) and thyroid level tests (probably every 6-months or so). He does eat and drink on his own now, but does require a parent or parents to be diligent about making sure he is getting enough food and water daily as to not dehydrate. He is not neutered yet as the doctor wants him to be intact for a least 1 year to give him enough chance to grow as much as possible - though he will likely be on the smaller side. After that time, he must be neutered for his health and to eliminate the risk of him having puppies as congenital hypothyroidism is hereditary. We are just starting basic training (sit, stay, come, etc.), but his new family will need to continue this training. Bogie is microchipped and current on vaccinations.

Bogie is currently living in San Jose. If you would like to adopt Bogie, please submit a completed Adoption Application form. Contact Mary Alford ( with any questions about him.

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